Meet the Team


The Bella Journey was founded, written and designed by Tracy Lynch.

Tracy Lynch is a well-regarded and highly qualified a Counselor, Therapist and Educator. In addition to her bachelor in Education, Graduate Diploma in Counseling and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, she has worked with 1000’s of girls and women over 20 years, in youth refuges, community development projects, family support services, courts and in private practice. Tracy brings her unique mix of experience, academic insight, creativity and passion to produce these hand crafted resources bathed in Love.

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Tracy currently runs a busy private practice where she specializes in counselling and therapy focusing on supporting people to understand and deal with issues such as anxiety, self-harm, depression and self-worth. Helping people deal with these is her passion and she believes that if we can focus on prevention strategies, the need for crisis intervention will decrease dramatically.

 Now more than ever is the time to develop engaging, relevant and preventative resources which can be accessed and valued by thousands of girls and their families. Tracy understands that these issues are not just associated with girls but boys as well. It is part of her dream to go on to develop relevant resources for boys as time and funding permits.

Tracy has written & designed Bella books and resources but this project would not be possible without the rest of the Bella Team.

The Bella Journey Team also includes:

Simon Lynch - Co-founder and Project Manager
Libby Collyer - Illustration
Brent Leggett - Tech Support and Video Production
Alexandra, Lunacreates - Graphic Design
Joel Alston - Photography
Ashely King and Anna Donely, Out of the Square Media  - Branding Concepts